There’s a Million Stories in the Naked City

Welcome to my page, so glad you are here.  My name is Khat and my friends call me Khat or Khataroo.  I’ve wanted to do a blog for many years yet I’ve been terrified of my writing skills.  I am just going to start and see what develops.  I’ve had an incredible life and I want to share my stories and lessons learned. I wanted to write a book on some of my experiences when I lived communally with a research university in Northern California and call it “There’s a Million Stories in the Naked City.”  This university researched sensuality, man/woman relationships, communication, and alternative lifestyles. For another set of experiences when I was a bartender on Haight Street in San Francisco, I want to be able to flip the book over and upside down and call that side “I’ve Heard it All.”

My Mission is to Serve the World Unselfishly and have a pleasant living! .. I love to Garden, bake), and cook. (food and mind) I enjoy sharing bohemian philosophies with my friends and I fulfill my soul making crafts of all nature, photography, glass etchings, petting my khitty khats, cooking for friends, good parties. I am so blessed to live by San Francisco where some of the best live music can be found on the planet.


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